A great tip to maintain a positive body image

Low or negative body image traps us in a never ending cycle of low confidence, not only negatively impacting the relationship we have with ourselves and physical and mental health, but also our relationships with others.

Having a positive body image means that you accept your body for what it is, you are comfortable with your body and you know there is much more to you than just your physical appearance (this is absolutely true 100%!!!).

Developing a positive body image will definitely help you to build your self-esteem and confidence, and yes - be more happy about yourself! When you start to accept your body for how it is, with its flaws and imperfections, you can start to feel more comfortable about your body and start to accept these imperfections. 

Why is it so hard to have a positive body image? 

Some days you might be feeling great, confident and on top of the world, the other days you might wish you could change how you look. But why?

Do you sometimes have a "fat day" where you think you look "too fat" or a "tired day" where you think you don't look "pretty enough"? 

Do you wake up in the morning dreading looking at yourself in the mirror, because you are not happy with what is staring back at you?

How we see ourselves one day to the next can be impacted by a lot of the time by our environment. 

Maybe your family made a comment about noticing a break-out on your skin that made you feel down about yourself, or you saw this awesome dress on instagram that you absolutely wish you could wear, but you know you can't because it doesn't fit your body shape,so you feel down about that. 

We let beauty be defined by others and by society, rather than defining what beauty and being beautiful means for ourselves. 

A recent ted.talk article suggested that we take what defines beauty into our own hands, and play a new game - a real game changer when it comes to the way we feel about our body and your worth!

You are the "new hottness"!!!

The point this article makes, is that you define and redefine your body's worth, and what is beautiful or acceptable on your OWN terms. The idea is more about turning towards your body with compassion and kindness, rather than with love and affection. 

All that is required is that time and time again you continue to turn to your body with kindness and compassion. This is without judging all your emotions, beliefs or longings. 

The tip is, that if you identify something that usually gets you down, then you say "new hottness" afterwards. 

For example:

Saggy belly skin from the baby you just birthed? New hotness. 

Skin getting more wrinkles because you lived another year? New hotness. 

Flat chested because that's what mother nature gave you? New hotness. 

Each and every day, you are a the NEW HOTNESS!!!

Be brave, change is a journey

Like everything we seek to improve, improving, building and maintaining a positive body image doesn't happen over night. 

As soon as you look at social media, as soon as you watch TV, as soon as you step outside of your house, you will be faced with images of "beauty" defined by the media and society. But if you look hard enough, at the ACTUAL women around you, you will see many women of different shapes and sizes. What this TED article is suggesting is that everyone is the new hotness. So is she. So are they. So are we. 

While it's nice to get inspiration from the environment around you, remember that this does not define you or your beauty. The only person that define your beauty is you.

You are the new hotness. 



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