Moving forward with positivity

This week we take feeling positive to the next level with our beautiful guest Sarah joining us on the blog. 

Right now it may be hard to feel positive about anything. The current lock-down measures have us all adjusting to the changes forced upon us.

In last week's blog we provided tips and discussed to how positively manage change and create a new routine.

Sarah was born with disabilities, which she will talk more about below.

She could have let her disabilities restrict her life; define what she can or can't do, or more- let others place restrictions on her life - but she didn't. 

She didn't listen to they nay-sayers telling her what she can and can't do, instead she determined herself what she could do, and once she did, her potential was limitless. But Sarah says it was only possible by staying positive. 

As Sarah tells us her story below, you can see that she has every reason not to be positive, and every excuse not to have a go at life. Naturally, like everyone, she has her good days and bad days, but she stays true to herself and stays positive. She also helps others with disabilities do the same. 

We felt it's important to share Sarah's story right now to provide you with some inspiration and feel-good vibes. 

Read our Q&A with Sarah below and be inspired!

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you love and what are your passions?

My name is Sarah I’m 28 and I live in New Brunswick, Canada. A small town in a province that’s not well known. I work as a Human Services Worker.

Working with adults with disabilities teaching them life, social, emotional, physical, work, nutrition skills, computer skills, fitness, music therapy, and my work also helps them find employment within the community.

I have disabilities that some of my clients have. It’s not often that someone with disabilities works in a field to help people with disabilities.

My hobbies are social media (my Instagram @missxblondiee_ and Forcer (which is a revenue sharing social media platform where you can keep your own data and not have to worry about your data being shared unlike other platforms)), cheer-leading (I used to cheer for 13 years and I’m aiming to coach a special needs team this year).

I’m passionate about my job and spreading positivity to everyone.
I always say positivity moves you forward and negativity moves you backwards. 

When did you become aware of your disabilities and how have they impacted your life and the way you live?  

I was diagnosed with Autism, Asburgers, and ADHD when I was 6 years old.
I remember that day vividly.

Sitting in a room with a stranger asking me do activities that was so confusing to me.

Growing up was difficult than the average. My speech development was behind than my peers, my thought process was behind, pretty much everything was.

It was hard for me to make friends, I was bullied, I hated school. I liked being around teachers more because they were the only ones nice and would talk to me.

There were days I would “fake sick” because i didn’t want to face school. My hair started to fall out in grade 12. I was bullied for wearing a bandanna.

I honestly think the educational system didn’t have my back.

When I was in all star cheer-leading I was quiet. I never told them about my disabilities. It was hard for me to make friends but I learned so much from cheer-leading, like teamwork and positivity.

Cheer-leading taught me more than school did. And I’m forever thankful.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced, and how did you overcome them? 

The biggest challenges I faced was being told it’ll be hard to do this and that.
Even hearing “college will be too hard for you” - that’s a big pet peeve of mine.
I didn't have positive support, even from the educational system.

BUT I proved them all wrong. I graduated high school, I even graduated college. TAKE THAT!!!!

I was also told from an employer that I can’t have this job because of my disability. After graduating high school I decided to take a year off after they said college would be too hard for me. Finding employment was so hard. That’s when my mom enlisted human services workers to take me out and help. Although I’m grateful for them helping me i still didn’t get a job. So that’s when I decided to go to college, 4 years later. 

How do you manage your bad days?

I do have my good days and bad days. The bad days are the worst.

I can’t focus at all let alone get anything done.

When I’m at work and I’m having a off day I use all of my energy to focus and then when I get home I’m mentally drained.

But I get through it knowing tomorrow will be a better day. 

How have you managed through the COVID-19 measures the Government has put in place?

Honestly, with me being stuck at home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic I’ve been having more off days than good.

For me routine is very important and my usual schedule is off.

I’m more tired than usual, and I miss work so much. 

But I've been adjusting by keeping myself busy by doing home workouts and taking more time to spread positivity, which makes me so happy and also keeps me positive!

It hurts to imagine what others are going through right now, and that's why it's so important to me to spread positive messages. 

What message would you like to send to others who have been diagnosed with autism? 

You are not alone.
You will be supported and loved.
You are still smart and wise.
You can overcome any obstacles you face.
Don’t let any negative thing get to you.
You are a strong person.

Don’t ever give up! Every dream you have can be accomplished. 

What message would you like to send someone who is interacting or looking after a person with autism? 

You have a chance to make a positive impact on this person. They will look up to you and consider you as a friend.
Be that mentor, role model, friend figure to them.
Outside of your care they might experience some negative moments and not understand why or what.
Be there for them.

Have patience and understanding.

Do you have any closing message you'd like to share?

Outside of work on social media, I promote positivity.
I hope I can be a role model to many people with disabilities and Alopecia.
I want my channels to be a bully free zone where everyone can be themselves and have more reasons to smile, especially during this hard time. 
Thanks so much for being our guest this week and spreading positivity to our readers and followers! You are truly an inspiration and an amazing woman. Keep going!


  • SUCH a role model!! In a world full of fake role models it’s refreshing to see a real life one. My daughter, 14, was diagnosed with much of the same at 6yo. Struggled in many of the same areas. Educational system such a BUST. Moving out of state to try another system and praying it’ll work out for the best for her!! Love your message and Blessings to you!!

    PAtricia CAlicchio
  • Beautiful!! My Instagram name is @mamabear1068
    Thank you!!

    Jenny Barber
  • Such a beautiful message thank you so much for sharing ig @thayarattay

    Thayara nascimento
  • Beautiful 💞 IG : lia.m669

  • Amazing message, beautifully written and shares the story of such a powerful, hardworking woman!! 💗


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