1 simple method to help you be a better you.

Before I start, I want to re-iterate that I am human and not a perfect person. But I strive each day to question myself and better myself, to be the person that I want to be.

So now to you, my dear reader, I want to ask you a question.

What is one thing that you know you should do better to look after yourself, but you don’t?

Pause now and take a moment.

Reflect inwards and be honest with yourself.

I expect that we can all identify ‘one thing’ we know we should do better, but don’t.

For me it is exercise. I know that working out intensely for 20 to 30 minutes a day is good for me, but I struggle to exercise like that every day, and I was managing two to three times a week at best.

I asked myself why I only managed two to three times a week. I know that I will only benefit from exercise. After exercise I always feel happier and better about myself. I definitely sleep better and feel more accomplished afterwards. I know all these things and have experienced them too. So why not feel these great consequences of exercise every day?

The ‘one thing’ that you continue to put off

If you think about your ‘one thing’, can you think of a reason why you don’t implement it every day?

In this scenario, you and I have the knowledge and awareness to do something better for ourselves and to improve ourselves, but still we just don’t do it.

I have thought about this, and what I’ve boiled it down to is my ranking of what I consider important on a particular day. We all know life can throw us curve-balls. We may plan a day out in advance, and in a moment it changes direction. All our plans are upside down and out the window!

But if I’m totally honest, this doesn’t happen every day, and generally my days follow a certain routine. Delving a bit deeper into my thoughts, I think sometimes the reason is, that I just delay things in my head and say, ‘I don’t feel like it right now, I’ll do it tomorrow’... sound familiar?

The compromise

So I came to a compromise with myself, because there’s no point in punishing myself. It’s just me and my own rules, and I am in control.

My compromise to myself was to be more active during the day. For instance, each day I take a brisk walk at lunch time for 30 mins or so, I take the stairs at every opportunity and I do some squats, stretching and other strength exercises when I have a spare moment. Then whatever exercise I do on top of that is a bonus.

And I have to say, I’ve been doing this a few weeks now, and I’ve seen some positive changes. I’ve toned more, my back and neck don’t get sore during the day, I get less headaches, my mood is lifted, I’m less tired during the day and I still feel a sense of accomplishment, even if I haven’t exercised every day for  20 to 30 minutes.

 So hearing my story and knowing what you know; yourself; your schedule and your life, can you and that ‘one thing’ make a similar compromise?

 Would love to hear about it,


Mira x

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