The meaning behind our #walkwithconfidence tee - more reasons for you to feel great!

For those of you who might be reading our blog for the first time, or those of you needing a bit of a refresher, today we will be reflecting on important milestones just passed, such as our recent #walkwithconfidence campaign launch, as well as giving you some more in-depth understanding of the story behind our campaign tee.

Let's begin!

On January 4, 2020 we officially launched our Herparade #walkwithconfidence campaign 2020.

What a better way to start the new-year (and new decade), than to kick-start it with a kick-ass campaign that can help transform your 2020 experience.

The aim of this campaign is for every woman to present themselves confidently by walking confidently, which in-turn will help her feel more confident. It's proven that part of a woman’s confidence is displayed through the use of her body language.

We want every woman to walk with confidence.

Previously on our blog, we discussed why being more confident this year should be the new year’s resolution on the top of your list!

And, as always, we are here to help.

To give you extra encouragement and inspiration to yourself and those around you this year, we designed a one of a kind statement tee.

When it comes to confidence, we want you to be it, feel it and wear it.

Today we wanted to explain further the meaning behind this tee; why we designed it the way we did from the tee design itself; to the material and consideration of the community and environmental impact, you will see why this is tee is no ordinary tee. 

Tee Design:

We engaged a professional designer to bring to life a design that truly reflects the #walkwithconfidence campaign.

The figure you see on the t-shirt is a line movement accentuating the femininity and boldness of a woman.

The line weight and pattern adds strength and personal character, which falls under the definition of confidence.

When looking at the image, you sense movement in the image, which embodies the notion of walking with confidence. This is to make you feel as though the image is walking with confidence and the campaign slogan is not taken so literally.

It becomes a wearable, stylish and fashionable statement which can be worn casually at a Sunday brunch, business casual at work and even dressed up with a fun skirt or dress pants to attend a cocktail party, all whilst sending the important #walkwithconfidence campaign message.

Tee Material:

Our T-shirt is made with 100% Organic Cotton and screen printed with Organic Ink.

Why did we choose Organic Cotton and Ink?

Organic Cotton compared to conventional cotton, is proven to be a more sustainable option. Not only is it renewable and biodegradable like conventional cotton, Organic Cotton has a much lower environmental impact, as it is farmed without the use of fertilisers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals that can damage the health of farmers and workers, as well as contaminate the water ways of vital drinking water sources.

Organic Cotton feels softer and better on your skin, and for those of you suffering with allergies or sensitivity to chemicals, Organic Cotton is probably the best option for you!

It is also claimed that Organic Cotton smells better than conventional cotton – we will let you be the judge!

The cost of production and purchasing conventional cotton is less, but for the well-being of the land and farm workers, Organic Cotton is the best choice by far. This does mean that Organic Cotton does cost more for us to purchase.

But by providing you and others with a more sustainable and healthier alternative, we are also helping to increase the demand for more organic textiles, it will force the apparel companies to use more Organic Cotton, which will help lead to a more sustainable world, as well as bring down the price of Organic Cotton in the future.

As mentioned, we also use Organic Ink in our screen printed tee design, which is water based and eco-friendly, as it does not contain PVC or phthalates. Solvents are not needed to clean the screens down after they’ve been used – the manufacturer can clean them with just water. This ink does cost us more compared to the conventional screen print inks used, but we think it is definitely worth it.  

Not all organic cottons and inks are made equally though, that is why we have chosen a manufacturer which is accredited under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).


Our tee is designed by our local community, for our local community.

Our tee is proudly Australian designed and Australian made.

It was important for us to support local talent and local business, even if it is at a bit more of a price premium. It would have been much more affordable and cheaper to source our t-shirts from China, but it was important to us to create a tee that gave back to Australia and Australians.

 Not only is our tee supporting local talent and business, it is also giving back to the local community. For each online sale of our tee, we are donating $3 to our affiliated women-lead charity Drought Angels.

We have also chosen a manufacturer who is accredited under Ethical Clothing Australia and Fair Trade, which ensures that the Organic Material is ethically sourced, as well as farmers and workers involved in the supply - chain are treated fairly under Fair Trade.

Closing remarks:

As you can see,  we have delivered a tee that is forward-thinking and thoughtful at the same time.

We have provided you with a beautiful and thoughtful shopping alternative. 

Compared to fast-fashion brands and sweat-shop brands, we offer sustainable fashion at its finest, as well as delivering the most important message of all; #walkwithconfidence.

There is really no reason for you not to feel great wearing this tee and not be confident wearing it. So much greatness in one t-shirt!

This t-shirt will retail on our website soon for AUD $59.95 plus shipping costs, so much value at such an affordable price!

Looking forward to seeing our Herparade community walking confidently in our tees. 

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