Why Fake Tan Isn’t So Fake After All: The Real Reason Why Women Wear It

This article tackle another topic surrounding skin confidence, which is having ‘tanned’ skin as opposed to pale-fair skin.

As you might know, Australians really love having a tan. Many of us can’t comprehend an Australian Summer without having a natural tan glow on our skin. But given the harsh Australian Sun which has high UV causing sunburn and skin damage, getting that sun-kissed glow you’re after naturally is not so easy. This means many women resort to fake tans to get their desired look.

Recently our team went to a function, where a lady presenting also mentioned that fake tanning was part of her beauty regimen when getting ready for corporate events.

We asked some questions to get further insight on this and here are her responses:

Why do you think having a tan so important and how does this link to our self-confidence?

“Yes, we Aussies really do love our fake tan and I am no exception. For me, a tan just makes everything better. Also lucky for me there are a myriad of Australian tanning brands out there, which is excellent news for me as a consumer.”

“Some women may have different views, but when it comes to confidence I believe that what you apply to your skin, wear on your body, how you act and what you do with your appearance is a representation of who you are and how you see yourself.”

But do women have to wear fake tan to feel self-confident?

“Ofcourse not, but if they choose to wear it for themselves because it makes them feel better about them-self, I’m all for it.”

“Everything about us is beautiful and every shade of skin is beautiful. Love the skin you’re in whatever colour it is and if a light tan glow is what you want and makes you feel better, it’s your body, so I say do it!”

“Being body positive is important, but I feel what better way to embrace and love the skin you’re in ,than to take care of it and make it look beautiful, however you damn well see fit -  if that’s what you want !”

Why do you use fake-tan?

“For me it’s just a thing I do for myself. That makes me feel more confident in my body—that also happens to - like most beauty rituals - have a nice side effect. For one, I look like I’ve had a trip to the Amalfi coast for the winter! I get to do all of this whilst supporting some great Australian brands. My current tan line up is all Australian:  Elle effect, Eco Tan and Bondi Sands .”

“For many women it might not be just about using fake tan. For me it’s no different to putting on my “face” before work, heading to the salon for a manicure. All these things are for me and make me feel great and nobody else! And like anything in regards to your body if you aren’t doing it for yourself than don’t do it at all.”

Such an open and honest discussion with Emma! What do you think? Feel free to leave us a comment on the comment section below. 

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