Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payment method

We approve all basic credit cards, and payments made through Shopify payment. Prior to shipment, complete payment must be submitted. We manufacture all our products according to your demand and particular design. We will start preparing your order after payment confirmation.

Receive payment

Customers are required to submit 100% of the order amount plus shipping cost.

Payment methods

We accept payment from customers by secure portal Shopify. For further information, kindly visit the Shopify website.

Shopify is an easy and safe way to collect and send money online. When you have selected Shopify for payment method, you will be connected to the Shopify site where you can pay easily. Shopify can be used to buying products through credit card, (visa, MasterCard), Debit card, Bank check (using your regular Bank account.

You can click and checkout with Shopify, after viewing your item on your shopping cart page. Then you will leave our site and go to the Shopify site.

You may use your already present Shopify account, if you have not got one then you can sign up for a new Shopify account.

According to the given instructions, you can use Shopify as your will.

Usually, Shopify e-checks will take 3-5 business days to be confirmed by Shopify.

Why we suggest you use Shopify, reasons are:

you can identify the position of your payment through your Shopify account.

When you pay your order, you don't need to handle your credit card online (you can directly transfer from your bank account). Nobody will see your credit card number when you use your credit card through Shopify which will reduce the risk of unnecessary use.

The information of your credit card is not processed through herparade servers and neither any information provide to a third person.

In case of cancellation/change mind of order

For cancellation of the order, you need to follow the policies of the payment processor.

For a change in the information about the product, you have to make contact with us in 8 to 12 hours.

For further discussions/Questions:


Phone: +61 (434) 621-391