Women's organic cotton fitted tee #walkwithconfidence - helping women & their causes


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Perfect Tee for all occasions

These Tees are do comfortable and soft. Love the design. Recommended.

Purchase now and help other women grow by supporting them through our statement tee.

Let's join together and help every woman #walkwithconfidence. 

A statement tee that truly reflects our #walkwithconfidence campaign.

What to love about this tee:

- ~30% of profits from each sale online is donated to affiliated charity @droughtangels and also other charity activities and donations supporting women and their causes!!!

- Designed by a talented local designer to bring to life a design that truly reflects the #walkwithconfidence campaign (read more about the design below)

- Our T-shirt is made with 100% Organic Cotton (ethically sourced and fair trade) and screen printed with Organic Ink.

Organic Cotton compared to conventional cotton, is proven to be a more sustainable option. Organic Cotton has a much lower environmental impact, as it is farmed without the use of fertilisers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals that can damage the health of farmers and workers, as well as contaminate the water ways of vital drinking water sources.

Organic Cotton feels softer and better on your skin, and for those of you suffering with allergies or sensitivity to chemicals, Organic Cotton is probably the best option for you!

Organic Ink is water based and eco-friendly, as it does not contain PVC or phthalates. Solvents are not needed to clean the screens down after they’ve been used – the manufacturer can clean them with just water.

These do come at more of a premium to conventional cotton, but you will definitely notice the difference.

- Our tee is designed by our local community, for our local community.

Our tee is designed, developed and made in Australia. We are helping businesses to grow and supporting local talent. 


About the design:

The design you see on the t-shirt is a line movement accentuating the femininity and boldness of a woman.

The line weight and pattern adds strength and personal character, which falls under the definition of confidence.

When looking at the image, you sense movement in the image, which embodies the notion of walking with confidence. This is to make you feel as though the image is walking with confidence and the campaign slogan is not taken so literally.

It becomes a wearable, stylish and fashionable statement which can be worn casually at a Sunday brunch, business casual at work and even dressed up with a fun skirt or dress pants to attend a cocktail party, all whilst sending an important message.

Find your size:

See our 'tee size guide' to choose the right fit for you.

As this t-shirt is a fitted tee, we recommend to purchase one size up from your normal size, if you prefer a looser fitting tee. 

Read more here for more reasons you will love this tee.

Please contact us with any questions or queries. 



The Women's organic cotton fitted tee #walkwithconfidence - helping women & their causes is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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