4 tips to communicate confidently

Have you ever been in the situation where you know what you want to say, but you have trouble communicating your message or formulating exactly what you want to say? 

How you convey a message is important, when you want someone to understand it and accept your ideas.

Some people believe if you can't explain something clearly and well, then you don't fully understand it yourself. 

But we beg to differ. 

Yes, we DO think you know what you're talking about, you just might need some tips to help you get your message across. 

Today we share with you 4 tips to help you communicate confidently, so you can improve how you convey your ideas and express yourself. 

Like many things to do with your confidence, you can learn and improve on communicating confidently, especially if it doesn't come naturally to you. 

1/ Start your conversations confidently by using the right words

Pyschologist Sherrie Campbell suggests that you should never start your conversations with words that show insecurity, like an apology or an excuse. She recommends for you to use a confident "I" statement, which will help the other person know you are feeling quite strong about an issue or topic and especially your perspective. An example of this is "I feel", "I prefer", "I'd like"..., because...if you back up your "I" statement with a fact or valid experience, it will help to convey your message, set the tone for the conversation and give your message some value in the eyes of the other person. 

2/ Keep your message simple

It is most likely the case that you know more about the topic, idea or message that you want to talk about than the person you're talking to. So it's important to take a complex message and break it down into simple and clear words that the person you're talking to will understand. Key note speaker Dianna Booher suggests to take away the jargon and big words, and you will find that your message is much better understood.

3/ Tell your message in a story

Story telling has been around for thousands of years.Before written script and history books, it was used as a way to pass on knowledge, history and information from one generation to the next. Today, story telling is just as powerful. If you think about when you were learning a new concept or idea, and the person paraphrased the idea into a story for you to understand, did you ever forget about that lesson? If you are able to take your idea or message and place it into a story with a beginning, middle and end, then your message will be much more relatable and understandable. 

4/ Be genuine

It takes courage to communicate an idea, and to build that confidence in yourself to be able to express your message or idea confidently. You can only feel confident when you are feeling like yourself, so stay true to you, your beliefs and values. Stay open minded about other's opinions and views. Express yourself genuinely and you will come across more relatable, and your message will be easier accepted by others. 

We hope you found these 4 tips to communicate confidently helpful! Remember that everything takes practice, so start implementing these 4 tips today!

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