#walkwithconfidence campaign


We want you to be confident, feel it and wear it too. 

Walk with confidence today.

This campaign has been inspired through our brand name HerParade.

HerParade brand envisages a woman, walking tall and confidently, with on-lookers surrounding her and cheering her on. Imagine that the woman is you, and the on-lookers are the HerParade community.

Why do we do it?

We are passionate to help women be confident and feel great! We aim to inspire women's confidence and empower women to be more confident on a daily basis. 

What is the purpose of the campaign?

We want every woman to walk with confidence.

This campaign is for every woman to present themselves confidently, and step by step truly believe in their value and worth by walking confidently.

It is scientifically proven that part of a woman’s confidence is displayed through the use of her body language, and that confidence is directly associated to a woman's level of success in her life.

How can you support the campaign?

There are a number of ways you can support this campaign and support other women and women lead causes. 

1. Join us on Social Media

You can join our movement by subscribing to our website, and following our social media pages. 

- Instagram (@herparade)

- Facebook (@herparade.official)

- LinkedIn (HerParade)

2. Join our FREE and PRIVATE Facebook Community Group "Confident Women Empowerment Group" filled with a group of like minded women, where we are one of the first accounts to offer you ways to get your account and brand into the world. 

Our Weekly activities currently consist of weekly confidence challenges.

Sound like fun? Join our group here 

3. Share our content on your social media and spread our message

By sharing our content on social media to your friends and family, our positive message can spread and help positively impact more women around the globe.  Just be sure to tag us in any posts!

4. Write to us and share your story

Let us know how you walk with confidence or what confidence means to you! You might have a chance to be featured in our weekly blog. 

5. Purchase your very own campaign tee

 We created a statement-tee that sends the message of confidence AND makes you feel great wearing it.

A thoughtful and conscious shopping alternative for your wardrobe

We present to you a beautifully designed fitted t-shirt that provides you with a more thoughtful  and conscious shopping alternative for your wardrobe - helping yourself, while helping other women, society and the environment! 

Our tees are Australian designed and made, ethical and fair trade, made with 100% fine organic cotton and ink.

6. Become a Cheer-Squad member

Help amplify HerParade's message by becoming a Cheer-Squad member, it's free to join and meet-ups are currently happening online fortnightly. 

We would love for you to join. To apply, click here

Be confident, feel it and wear it too!

Read more about or purchase our statement tee, see more here.

Our tees support female-lead charity @droughtangels, read more about them here.

We do not want to put any financial strain on our followers, so please do not feel any pressure to purchase our campaign statement tee.

As mentioned above there are many ways you can support the campaign at no cost to you.

Our T-shirt is designed to create a feel- good alternative to the conventional tees.

We truly believe in the message of the statement tee and everything it represents. We hope you do too.