5 tips how to avoid burnout when working from home and retain human connection

How to avoid burnout when working from home, and still retain human connection.

Lockdown or no lockdown, working from home is now more prevalent than ever. 

With advances in technology and organisations thrown into this new way of working when COVID hit, working from home (or a hybrid model of office/home based work) is now the way of the future.

Whilst it has its advantages… no peak hour traffic and a more relaxed attire (well, on the bottom half anyways 😉), there comes a point in time (even for the introverts among us) where human connection is lacking and the candle has well and truly been burnt to smithereens on both ends.

So, just what can we do to avoid burnout when working from home, and still retain human connection? The answer is different for all of us pending our circumstances – working mums, stay at home mums, single working women… however, there are a few things we can all do to stay fresh and most importantly, stay connected. 

Here are 5 tips to avoid burnout and get some human connection:

1. Set boundaries.

It’s easy not to ‘clock off’ when working from home, and this is where the lines between work-life and home-life can become blurred, and with it your boundaries. Instead of ‘scheduling for the next day’ you can start to take the approach, oh it’s easier if I just get it done now. But this then eats into your personal life and mental health… we all need some ‘off time’. Instead, distinct lines between work and home need to be created to ensure you operate at your best, both at work, and at home. Activities such as activating your ‘out of office’, having a ‘wind down’ routine when you finish work for the day, and not answering emails over the weekend (or after hours) will all help set these boundaries and ensure you don’t burn out. Your working life is a marathon, not a sprint, remember.


2. Fresh air and sunshine.

We hear it time and time again… how important fresh air and sunshine is, yet it is so easy to get stuck inside; working, schooling, sleeping. Time outside has been scientifically proven to decrease our stress levels (we’re talking to you, cortisol) and increase memory, mood and immune function. With such important health benefits to be had, it’s time to take a break, get outside and breathe in that fresh air whilst the Vitamin D soaks your skin.


3. Meditation.

Don’t run away, come back here! We know meditation can cause the eyes to glaze over as you imagine a room full of trance induced humming… and who has the time to do, well, nothing for hours on end. That’s where we have a shortcut for you! Did you know the benefits of a 10 minute meditation can be equivalent to a good sleep?! And with loads of free resources out there (hello, YouTube) why not try a guided meditation such as; Yoga Nidra, and reap the benefits.


4. Move yourself.

No time to pound the pavement? No motivation to join one of the countless online fitness programs? No worries! Just jump up from your place of work every hour and do star jumps, stretch, run on the spot, lunge… whatever it is, get your body moving, roll your shoulders back and let the burst of endorphins carry you through the next hour. Simple.


5. Get neighbourly.

Human connection wearing thin over Zoom? Try chatting to your neighbours. Those people you previously tried to dodge when running in and out of your home can provide you with a sense of belonging, comradeship, and most importantly – human connection. With restrictions on who we can see and what we can do in a constant state of flux, you may find the stability of a friendly neighbourly wave and convo the nourishment your soul needs.


These are all great tips we hear you say, but what about if you have kids at home, are home schooling or are a full time stay at home mum?

First of all, we salute you!

Tiny humans really add that extra level of challenge, and sometimes, you just need a break (well, more than sometimes, but you know what we mean).

So if you need some time out to take advantage of the tipsabove, why not invest in some screen-time. (Gasp! Horror! Not the dreaded screen-time!)

However, now is the time to be kind to ourselves, if you need a break, your mental health is priority.  

If you would prefer something more educational on your children’s screens whilst you rest and refresh, you could try Reading Eggs and Mathseeds for preschoolers, platforms such as LiteracyPlanet and Prodigy for school aged children or let kids of all ages get physical (with a side of zen) by joining online Cosmic Yoga sessions. (These links are not affiliated with us)

And if you feel like everyone is managing better than you, they’re not. Check out what these women in the spotlight had to say about working from home with kids: 


“…I cried every day, all day long. It was the messiest plate I’ve ever held in my life to be the teacher, the parent, the disciplinarian, the caretaker.”

- Drew Barrymore


“Parenting through the corona crisis is proving to be a roller coaster ride! It’s like doing normal life but without all the scaffolding. No routine, no school, no weekly activities, no extended family, no friends, no familiar faces, no distractions and not many breaks to catch our breath. There are moments that make your heart sing, beautiful moments that we wouldn’t normally get, and moments that are incredibly tough.”

- Carrie Bickmore


“It’s a nightmare for me. It’s a nightmare”

- Halle Berry


As you can see, times are challenging for everyone, and sometimes when times aren’t optimal, we just need to survive, not thrive, and that’s okay. We hope we’ve given you something you can implement into your daily routine to avoid burnout and retain some human connection.


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