Sexy is a mindset, weight is just a number on the scale

Sexy is a mindset, weight is just a number on the scale 

The media floods us with a certain type of ‘look’ we ‘should’ all be. Seeing this day in and day out can lead us to have a negative body image about ourselves.


In fact, recent research suggests that 80% of Australian women are dissatisfied with their bodies to some degree*.

This is unacceptable.

We are fortunate in this day and age to have body confidence pioneers stepping out of the media’s shadow and showing us that beauty comes in many sizes, shapes, forms. And if we get our minds right… our body confidence will follow.

One such pioneer we are proud to introduce you to is Blu. She is a model, influencer, women empowerer and mum… and importantly, she flies the flag for body confidence and sexy being a mindset.

Be inspired by Blu’s journey from questioning herself to now being a boudoir model, and her tips on how you can become confident in your own body – just as it is! 

1. Tell us a bit about you, your background, where you are located   

I’m Blu, a 35 year old plus model and influencer from Ohio, USA. I am a mommy to 2 AMAZING boys and a proud representative of the LGBTQ community!

2. Tell us what you do and what led you there

I am an independent plus model, specialising in boudoir. I’m also a model coach, influencer and empowerer of women! Doing this has always come naturally to me.

Growing up I never had women with my body type to look up to, and I never saw confidence shining through any plus women. I wanted to be that for women!

3. What body confidence issues did you overcome to be an advocate for lingerie and plus size boudoir? 

I have ALWAYS questioned myself! If you see my photos it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s true! I had to learn to love myself first, which is a daily thing, but the progression in it allowed me to view my body differently.

I was always very confident in my sexuality and my body... my mind just needed to catch up. The first time I put on lingerie to take photos I felt in my element! And again, there were little to no women my size willing to do this. I wanted to show that not only can women ofany size be sex symbols and sexy, but also classy and confident.

4. What is it about a woman wearing lingerie that can be empowering?

Lingerie is related to sex or feeling sexy. Every woman wants that. The thing is, we have been sold that sexy is a certain size, it’s not… it’s a state of mind. 

After putting on lingerie, getting dressed up and seeing yourself in this way you start to believe it. Believing it builds confidence, eventually changing your mindset about who you are.  It allows you to be in control of who you are sexually, how you present it, and shows you things about yourself that you may not have known.

5. What tips do you have for women looking to overcome body confidence issues?

So many! Here are the top tips that have really helped me:

Speak positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror daily and even date yourself.
Create a self-love goal list, and look at it every day.
Make a point to surround yourself with positive people that make you feel good about yourself, don’t settle for anything less.
Join a women’s empowerment group who will support you and help you grow.
Find out who you are internally, and never lose sight of the goal....YOU!


Most of all never give up on you! 


We certainly feel inspired by what Blu has to say, and will be implementing some of her top tips to push our confidence to the next level! What will you do?

As a GIFT to you, Blu has kindly put together her TOP 5 MIRROR MANTRAS, to help you love yourself in the mirror every day.

Top 5 Mirror Mantras by Blu

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If you would like to take the advice of Blu and speak positive daily affirmations to yourself, then her TOP 5 MIRROR MANTRAS POSTER is just for this purpose!

Please support Blu, view her amazing work and say hello via DM on her instagram page @babyblue081415.

Whatever you decide, remember: you are beautiful, you are worthy, you got this!


Mira x



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