5 tips to be consistent and achieve your goals

Do you feel like you've lost some momentum lately in achieving your goals? You're feeling tired, overwhelmed and don't really feel like doing work that you know needs to be done right now? 

Yes. It's tough, and the struggle is real. 

Today we share five tips with you how to stay consistent and achieve your goals, even if you are not really feeling it!

You want to change something now or have already taken steps to make a change, but feel like you have come to a screeching halt?

Do you want to be consistent on a diet, be consistent in exercise, be consistent in your relationships or be consistent in saving... ?

Well then, this article is for you.

Being consistent takes work, commitment and determination.

We all crave success in some shape or form, yet we find it difficult to be consistent. Why?

For example, we know that exercising 20 minutes a day is beneficial to our health, but sometimes we can’t seem to find that 20 minutes in our day to exercise. Out of the whole 24 hours in the day, we couldn’t find 20 minutes…interesting huh?!

We all have days where are feeling a bit down or not feeling like it, and that’s okay.

But here 5 tips to stay consistent, even if you’re struggling with motivation or just plainly don’t feel like it.


1/ Figure out what you want to be consistent in and why.

When there is an overarching goal in site, something that is important to you, and you understand and know why you want to do something, then this will make being consistent so much easier. For example, you might be saving to buy a house so you might just close that online store browser just a bit quicker!… or you might be participating in a fun run in a few months’ time, so you know you must train three to four times a week to be fit enough to compete and not injure yourself. Knowing what you want to do, and why you want to do it is a crucial step in being consistent.

2/ Be consistent in one thing at a time.

If you are wanting to be consistent in something that is new to you, like quitting smoking, but you have a whole list of things you want to improve, like going a diet, then perhaps just try quitting smoking first. Once you have been consistent in that, try going on a diet. This way you’re more likely to succeed in being consistent in one thing.

3/ If it is important to you, make time for it in your day and schedule it in.

By this we mean, build your day around what is important to you, rather than just trying to find time for it. If it is important to you, you should prioritise it. If you think of it as a task and something that needs to be done and schedule it into your day, you are more likely to be consistent.   

4/ Even if you don’t feel like it – do it!

We have all been there, we have all sat on the couch or lay on the bed and said to our self; "I just don’t feel like it today!" Well ma’am – when you want to be consistent, how you feel isn’t so important. Obviously if you’re feeling sick or run down then it’s a different story, you need a break and rest. But if there is no other reason other than just feeling plain lazy, that’s not an excuse! Get up and get going!

5/ If you miss one day, don’t miss the next day.

So we are all human, and we succumb to our lazy inner self sometimes. If you couldn’t get off that couch or out of bed, then don’t be too hard on yourself. Just make sure you don’t miss the next day. From personal experience, once you stop, the harder it will be to get back on track. So please, give yourself a day, but not two or three days. 

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Need some extra inspiration?

For this blog we have compiled some of our social media quotes to get you going. 

Watch this video now and see how we are inspiring you with confidence word by word, which will hopefully help you stay motivated and help you be consistent!


 Remember: The struggle is real, but stay consistent. 

To be consistent in a diet, be consistent in an exercise regime or be consistent in life takes hard work, dedication and determination. We share with you our tips of how to be consistent to continue to achieve your goals.

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  • I really enjoyed reading your article! I am always trying to be consistent and get a routine going, but working in an unpredictable field, I’ve found that a routine is nearly impossible. For me, I use a to do list,and I get great satisfaction every time I mark off something on my to do list, so while I don’t have much of anything ‘scheduled’ it still gets done. I know that this method does not work for everyone, but it is something that works for me. Each person is different and different things will work for different people.

    Andie Campbell

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