Last minute Christmas gift ideas by Madelyn

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There's a feeling of Christmas in the air.

And it's hard to believe that in just 5 days, Christmas day will be here!

We are so excited for Christmas, coming together with friends and family. Some we might not have seen for some time because of lockdowns and restrictions that have taken place this year. 

We are looking forward to the laughter, jokes and light hearted fun that Christmas brings. 

In our last blog we discussed  four ways you can give the Gift of Gratitude this Christmas, to bring more meaning and thoughtfulness to your Christmas.

And for those of you who still need last minute gift ideas for a special someone in your life, but you aren't feeling inspired or don't  even know where to start looking - well - we want to introduce you to someone who can help, and who has you covered!

Meet Madelyn from Madelyn's Gift Guide blog.

Madelyn has successfully come up with a gift guide that gives you Christmas ideas FOR ANYONE in your life. Literally anyone. Your friends, family, kids - she even caters to gift ideas for people with different interests, fans, hobbies and artists.

In each list, for each listed item, she provides a direct link for you to have a look at the gift suggestions. 

Above all she provides great inspiration, and some unconventional product ideas you might not have ever thought about. 

Some gift guide headings that caught our eye were - gifts for gymnasts, gifts for coffee/tea lovers, Grinch themed Christmas gifts...and it continues.

Madelyn definitely has every gift-angle covered!

We especially love her wish list/gift ideas, as some last minute gift ideas:

1. Shower steamer spray


2. Mushroom earrings


3. Ice cream cooling bowl



8. affirmations mirror decals

9. floral cup



Closing remarks: 

If you are on the search for last minute gift ideas, you must check out Madelyn's gift guide. She has you covered. 

Note: This is not a paid promotion. Madelyn was also not paid to promote our product. This post is a way of saying thanks to her, for her recommendation. We are all about supporting women, so we wanted to support her blog and work that she is doing.


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